Miracle Cannabis


Miracle Cannabis

I have to thank my two friends for raising my awareness about cannabis. When it comes to cannabis, many people think of irrational, lazy, irresponsible people who smoke cannabis to get high, and have nothing else better to do with their life. My friends knowledge and passion about cannabis, has shown me a new world that has far exceeded my expectations of it’s importance in today’s society, and future of our planet. 

I also have to thank my adopted niece for inspiring me to write this zine. I got into a conversation with her about how cannabis can solve many of the world’s problems. It can cure us of our addition to petroleum based oil. It makes a superb building material, you can make lotions and skin creams with it. You can make edible products from it like ice cream, breads, milks, and cheeses.

It can help with the problem of deforestation. She was amazed and I started to think why isn’t this taught in school? There are many lessons I’ve had to teach that talk about deforestation, and pollution. None of them mentioned the benefits of cannabis and the positive impact that it could have on society.

When Dr. Sanjay Gupta CNN medical correspondent premiered his documentary called WEED, the world was shocked. This documentary explored cannabis as a medicinal drug, that had huge success dealing with people who had seizures and cancer. And there you have it, the cat is out of the bag, Cannabis can help solve our health problems as well.

I live by the belief that most people are good and want to do good on this planet. It’s a shame that the miracle benefits of cannabis isn’t mainstream information. My theory is that empowering individuals with this information would be a huge threat to major industries. Industries like, plastics, oil, cosmetics, and medicine. Not to mention, if people knew this information on a large scale, and started growing cannabis themselves, it would definitely put these industries out of power and transfer the power to the people.

Industries don’t want people to become independent. They thrive on the dependency of other people. This is why this information is suppressed.

The information that I covered in this zine is just the tip of the iceberg. The possibility of cannabis is extremely vast. Hopefully you can use this as a starting point to begin your journey of learning about the many ways cannabis can revolutionize and heal our society.


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The Best Marijuana documentary you will ever watch.







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