The Great Vaccine Debate


The Great Vaccine Debate

The very fact that studies that conclude vaccines are safe and effective, are done by the pharmaceutical industry is an automatic conflict of interest and should be a huge red flag to anyone who begins to investigate the safety and efficacy of vaccines. In addition to that the fact that you can’t directly sue pharmaceutical industries in America for vaccine injury should be a red flag as well. One should also take note that when people die or are injured because of a vaccine, the vaccine is not recalled although last year there were three deaths from Blue Bell Ice cream, and it was immediately taken off of grocery shelves until they found out why people were dying. As of now in the United States alone more than 100 girls have died from the Gardasil vaccine, tens of thousands of girls have been permanently disabled, and yet it is still recommended.

The title of this zine is called The Great Vaccine Debate it is a look at the side that is not represented much. A side that questions the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

I personally have witnessed two children regress into Autism after receiving the MMR vaccine, and another become a paraplegic after receiving the Gardasil vaccine. Before I saw these incidences happen with my own eyes. I thought this occurrence was not common. Sadly I would be proven wrong.


The rate of people opting out of vaccines is steadily increasing, although the main stream media would like you to think that we’ve somehow been brainwashed by a beautiful vivacious intelligent comedian, and a brilliant gastrointestinologist who published a “Debunked Study” The truth of the matter is, people are experiencing for themselves the atrocities of vaccines for themselves or just simply doing their research.

Although the CDC likes to pressure people into getting vaccinated, they warn us that if we don’t we will be privy to a slew of diseases and death. They honestly can’t guarantee one way or another. The CDC hasn’t performed the gold standard of scientific methodology, which is a study comparing the vaccinated against the unvaccinated.

When Coleen Boyle Director of the National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD) at CDC was asked why this study has not been done, she said they feel it would be unethical to deny children vaccination.

In studies not conducted by the CDC whether they are animal studies, or human studies, the unvaccinated always come out miles healthier than the vaccinated.

A graph was created showing that a rise in autism also directly correlates with a rise in purchase of organic food.

What the creator of this graph fails to realize, is that autistic people need food in the purest form possible e.g. organic food because they are sensitive to pesticides, gluten, and chemicals. Therefore as the autism rate increases, the purchase of organic food would as well.

Parents are noticing a rise in autoimmune diseases, they are noticing that this directly correlates with an increase in vaccines, in the vaccine schedule. They are also taking note that more people are dying from autoimmune diseases like asthma, at a higher rate than people are dying from the disease they are vaccinated for. They are also noticing that chronic illness puts a financial strain on families, and not vaccinating is a way to ensure superior health and less stress.

Another thing they have become aware of is the ingredients in vaccines, and how toxic they are to the human body, even in a minute amount. Whether it is adjuvants, or the cells, that they grow the virus in, (they can’t be separated before they inject it into you) or the virus it self, that can actually regain virulence, and give you the very disease you were vaccinated for.

Another thing that intrigues them, is according to statistical data, many diseases were on their way out. Implementation of better sewage systems, spaced out living, water treatment, trash pick up and incineration stopped the spread and mortality of diseases. Diseases like Typhoid, Cholera, and Scarlet Fever, disappeared without vaccines.

The debate is a heated one, mostly because some people have adopted a religious stance on vaccination, who live by the belief that “vaccines save lives” and that “vaccines are safe and effective” without doing any through research.

They find it easier to attack, lambaste, and threaten people who take these things into consideration, even though these are valid scientific concerns. They do this out of fear, stubbornness, not wanting to admit they might have harmed their child via vaccination, or just plain bandwagon ignorance.

I hope as a world society we can come to the realization, at the end of the day, we all truly want the same thing health and happiness. My wish is we can actually come to a place in our journey here on earth where we can actually have a dialogue about these things. The Pharmaceutical industry thrives on the polarization of anti-vaccine vs pro-vaccine because they don’t want us talking to each other. Once we do start talking to each other, all of their trust and financial profits will be lost. I say let’s start talking.

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