The Junk In Your Food


The Junk In Your Food

I had already given up drinking soda for about ten years when I started doing research on the chemicals in food. Before that my favorite soda to drink was a cream soda float with chocolate ice cream (Don’t try this at home kids!)

I used to give my students cookies as rewards but graduated to pencils and school supplies when I began to feel guilty I was contributing to their sugar addiction. During that time I noticed a student who always had Mc Donald’s everyday after school gain weight that well exceeded her body mass index after only one semester.

I stopped drinking soda when I noticed an immediate correlation with the free soda I was getting at my first waiting job, with the immediate break out of the skin on my body and face.

During break at school, time I was always offered chips and other junk food by my students, and mostly turned them down. Since learning about food toxins, I always made sure I brought healthy snacks to class. Organic Non-GMO popcorn, kale chips, fresh squeezed juice instead of soda, and oatmeal cookies. I had a student comment on how healthy I ate and also teased me about not drinking soda. Shortly after, I found this infographic and brought it into school.


The kids loved it and it was a great topic of conversation in our class. My students were a direct inspiration for this zine. I saw a lot of my students struggling with acne and obesity and knowing that obesity can lead to problems farther down the road. I feel obligated to write about this topic on a level that children can understand.

I haven’t come across any literature that breaks down toxins in food on a simplistic level that children can understand and relate to.

The epic amount of toxins in food is astounding, it was impossible to cover them all in a short article. However this zine serves as a jumping off point for people who want to start exploring the toxins in our food, and the effects they have on our body.

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