Poem Responds to Doctor’s Anti-Vaccine Smack-down With a Knockout!


A few days ago Dr. Nelu appeared in the Dr. Oz show wrongfully chastising parents who don’t vaccinate their children.



This is the poetic response…


Dr. Nelu I have something to tell you.

I saw your video on Dr. Oz,

And I wrote this rhyme just because,


The thing right now that makes me the most vexed

Are people like you who have a God complex,

I’m going to tell you that you are incorrect,

That you spoke a lot of “facts” that went unchecked

I hope you think about this in retrospect.


Shame on you and your close-minded views

You’re not a deity, you’re not a muse

Pillorying people for their point of view

In fact you’re abusive and extremely confused.


Human beings have been earthbound for 200,000 years,

Vaccines have been around for only 200 it appears.

So how has mankind survived so long without vaccines?

I personally think it’s because we innately have good genes

We don’t need proteins

From aborted fetal cells

Polysorbate 80, and 20 and formaldehyde that smells.


Carcinogens that will make your head spin,

heavy metals, like mercury and aluminum that are used to make tin.


Oh excuse me? Did you read the insert?

Not the VIS but the actual insert packet,

The real deal, not the racket.

A Vaccine Information Statement Vs. The Manufacture’s Package Insert



It lists all of the ingredients and adverse reactions,

While the VIS only lists a fraction,

Of the side effects that happen

It’s not true informed consent, it’s just a distraction.


Eczema, Seizures, Guillain-Barré,

(that’s when you become paralyzed sometimes all the way)

Diabetes, neuro-degenerative diseases,

These things are more detrimental than someone who sneezes.


Let’s talk about herd immunity,

One in the arm for the herd,

a compromise for the immunocompromised.

A myth that doesn’t work

Cancer patient outpatient papers clearly state

That if you are immunocompromised it isn’t a great

Idea to be around someone who has been recently vaccinated

Like I said it’s clearly stated…


They might shed the very disease they were vaccinated for


and if that’s not enough to bring you to your knees

They’ve also found live virus in urine and feces

In people who got a jab because they wanted to be disease free.


Well excuse me, then why do we get booster shots?

I mean I thought when you take a jab, you are protected for life,

Like a bond of marriage between husband and wife

And maybe that’s because of this myth’s impurity

you forgot to mention, that it only applies to natural immunity.


And why oh why in every “outbreak” I see,

It’s the vaccinated who are filled with disease?

This is quite a paradox one that really hurts,

Because this shouldn’t happen if vaccines work.


Vaccine theory’s insane

‘cause after a few years they found that anti-bodies wane

That their miracle cure all was actually their bane

And vaccines as they know them weren’t the same


Almost two decades had past

When they found this uncomfortable truth

No outbreaks, no pandemics, no society panicked

As the world ended

We’re fine we’re ok

You know why? Because vaccines didn’t save us anyway.


Remember your history, look at the data,

Diseases declined way before

They made a vaccine to “eradicate” the cause

If you look at the dates, you really have to take a pause


Remember your history, before trash incineration,

Water treatment, sewage systems, and public sanitation

There are diseases like typhoid and cholera

That disappeared without the cause of a vaccine

To take credit for all of it


Look at the filthy habits of our ancestors

It was only a matter of time

Before germs would fester

And kill everyone off

Their uncompromised immune systems couldn’t even fight off a cough. But thanks to Doctor Semmelweis

Who made us understand, that soap and water are nice

When it came to killing germs

And with knowledge about sanitation

We shouldn’t be concerned


Ask Dr. Oz one question for me

If vaccines are safe, and doesn’t cause autism or SIDS

Then how come he won’t even vaccinate his own kids? (He says at 5:00)


You said it makes you mad, when parents don’t vaccinate

I can understand why you are so irate

I’d be mad too if a large part of my check

Came from a quota of vaccinated children that has to be met.


Isn’t the basis of clinical medicine

To be concerned for your patients and listen to what’s best for them?


Are you feeling attacked?

You’re probably thinking I have a 4 year medical degree

How dare that lay person talk that way to me!

Well, how dare you to think, you know better,

Than a parent, what is best for their kid,

When you face no legal consequences for what you did

Their children were normal, before they got that vaccine

Even the pharmaceutical companies, are granted complete immunity.


I mean don’t you even think it’s a tad bit weird

That when a company causes an injury that they can’t be smeared

In a court of law?

Doesn’t that fill you with awe and disgust?

For a law that is unjust.

If you’re human, which I hope you are, I think you must.


Big Pharma creates new enemies everyday

By telling people syringes can keep it at bay

The it?

Why, diseases that will kill us all

And if they get their turn, then we will fall

But that’s a lie, and lots of people know now.

The military, The Gardasil girls, and even the boy scouts


The vaccine injured are increasing every day

And it’s getting to the point where they can no longer say

They’re liars, they’re lying, they want someone to blame

They won’t take responsibility, they won’t play the game


You’re right, we won’t play the game because

we now know the truth and no “debunked paper” made us change our suit

We won’t play the game, We’re going to say ciao

Because we control the pieces, we control the tao.

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