About Me

I love teaching. I’ve been a teacher for almost 13 years. I have taught every age from 4 years old to adult. Through the years I began to expand my knowledge about the world, and how it works. I’ve become increasingly frustrated by the amount of information that is inevitably limiting people’s ability to think critically and compare and contrast information they are getting from a corporate owned source, with an alternative point of view.

This was very apparent in the information I was forced to teach as a teacher. “Forced” meaning I was reprimanded if I offered an alternative point of view other than the “official story” I had to spout out of the textbooks. I think many people can see this bias when they learn history in school, research their own history, and see it portrayed in a way that doesn’t represent themselves well. But deep down, we all know it’s the winners that write history.

I feel that corporate greed, nescient negligence, and ignorant arrogance are leading us to a fate of death and destruction. I, like many people on this planet, would like to get to the bottom of some of the world’s problems. I feel this cannot happen unless we are authentic about the root causes of the problem. We can’t be authentic about the root causes of the problem unless we are well informed. It deeply disturbs me that people nowadays seem to be deathly afraid of someone expressing a different point of view than theirs. Isn’t this America? Isn’t this the country that prides itself on freedom of speech, freedom of information, and freedom of expression? It doesn’t make sense.

A family member told me something that really helped me make sense of it all she said, “ That once people accept that they have been lied to on one level, that means they have to start questioning everything else that might be a lie as well.” I’ve since realized how right she was. Some people are so stubborn about “being right” that they would rather die than admit they are wrong, some people will even kill other people so they can still hold on to their ideas and beliefs.

Free at last! With the advent of the internet, many people are able to research and explore for themselves. No longer are we slaves to the corporations who control the information we receive via media outlets, and educational resources that are mandatory in schools.

What Is Curious Peacock? Me and my team of peacocks and peahens (smile) create materials that bring you simplistic, unconventional, information. The materials are meant to be simplistic. This information is meant to empower individuals and spark their interest, or provide a strong jumping off point for people who are interested in learning about these subjects. They can be used for: Adult Classes Children’s Classes Community Meetings Presentations/Lectures Homeschool Individual Study Debate Teams Or whatever else you see fit It is strongly suggested that the consumers of this information also read and commit the references and their information to memory. This information is meant to empower anyone with knowledge who reads it, and hopefully they will be able to converse with the knowledge that they obtained in a confident and sincere manor.

Qualitative and Quantitative The materials sold on this website will be quantitative, presenting facts while the blogs that are written for each zine, will be qualitative, sharing personal experiences and observations while creating each product.The blog page lists the qualitative blogging as well as videos, quotes, radio interviews, and articles for more in-depth research. I will also include clickable references from the materials on their individual blog pages, to make the references easier to access.

Originally I intended Curious Peacock to be supplemental lesson plans that teachers use in conjunction with their “official” lesson plans to provide expanded knowledge on a particular subject. I uploaded my zines to a popular website that specializes in selling lesson plans, and other learning materials. After being followed from a Facebook group, and harassed on the teaching site. I decided it was best to have my own website. I wouldn’t have considered it if it wasn’t for the trolls that harassed me. I must thank the trolls that lambasted me. Having a separate website is indeed a better option. Sometimes our enemies push us into better situations. Not only that, I have a wonderful group of people who have lent their services to help me with art, website design, editing, constructive feedback, and emotional support.

My sincerest thanks and love to them as well. I’m excited to see what we will create in the future. My vision for Curious Peacock is that people will use this information to empower themselves, and strike up conversations with other people to empower themselves as well and the cycle goes on. Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for your support. I hope you have as much fun reading and empowering yourself as I have creating this. This is your opportunity to research and explore for yourself. Take this time to expand your mind, embrace your intelligence, and broaden your horizons.

‘In Lak’ech Curious Peacock