Measles Outbreak


Measles Outbreak

“ I want the media to held accountable for the weeks and weeks of covering a measles outbreak at Disneyland, terrifying people when only 644 people were affected. That’s .000002% of the people in this country which effectively translate to zero, when one in 45 kids is diagnosed with autism. I’d like the media to explain why it won’t cover the story of a top CDC scientist who admits they committed fraud on the MMR study when they discovered a causal link between the vaccine and autism, a disease that is accelerating so fast it could spell the end of our society.”

–Del Big Tree producer of VAXXED


Measles the deadliest disease know to modern man. Thousands, no wait hundreds of thousands, make that hundreds of millions of people were lying in the street dying of measles… Okay, wait that was the Black Plague not the measles. And it didn’t dissipate because of a vaccine, oh silly me, I must have gotten my plagues mixed up. Just like everyone else who thinks a measles outbreak will be the end of life as we know it on the planet earth.I created this zine after I read an incredibly insulting yet humorous lesson plan about the “Measles Outbreak” in California. Insulting because the author was very condescending toward people who questioned the safety and efficacy of vaccines, and humorous because he was extremely uninformed about what he wrote,  and completely missed the mark about why people question the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

I respected his right to have his own opinion about vaccines, but I decided to make my own zine with an opposing view point.

There are many misconceptions about measles. Those who aggressively attack or pillory people who question the safety and validity of vaccines are truly ignorant of the origin of the theory of herd immunity as it applies to natural immunity not “vaccine induced immunity.”

These apoplectic  people (including some in the medical industry) don’t keep up with incoming studies, medical research papers, or incidences that come from all over the world on vaccines. If they did, they wouldn’t be in such a rush to take away people’s choice to be vaccinated. They would have a well rounded knowledge about the history, politics, and science of vaccines.

They wouldn’t be so prone to Pharmaceutical owned propaganda that vaccines are safe and effective. Instead they would break the fear-spell, use their common sense and ask questions such as …

If the CDC and other large health organizations always pontificate about how deadly measles is, then why do they only show morbidity graphs instead of mortality graphs? Why do they only show information about morbidity only a few years before the vaccine was licensed, when that information is widely available in the form of public health records?

Why don’t health authorities mention that the majority of measles deaths happen  in third world countries? That these people third world countries are the biggest victims of measles because they have weakened immune systems due to poor sewage lack of clean water and nutrition? Why don’t they put the public fear at ease, by making it known that complications from Measles such as blindness and death are the result of a vitamin A deficiency?

If measles vaccines work, then why is there still a significant number of people who are vaccinated that still get the measles?

Why are parents who claim that the measles vaccine injured their children being ignored, or dismissed as crazy? Clearly there are thousands of people who made this claim and with vaccine epidemics like the 1976 swine flu vaccine, and the Cutter Incident Dpt Lawsuits, It’s not a farfetched idea that vaccines can injure or kill people.

When a CDC whistleblowing scientist comes out and says he destroyed relevant information showing that vaccines do not cure Autism, why wasn’t every media engine exposing this fraud?

Since parents can’t directly sue the pharmaceutical companies directly and have to go through a “kangaroo court” which is very hard to win and get any compensation for their child? What motives do parents really have if they can’t get financial compensation?

Since the pharmaceutical industry makes trillions of dollars each year, wouldn’t they have a huge financial interest to hide damaging information about vaccines?

Why is the media censoring a movie about the CDC whistleblower? If “vaccine heretics” are truly crazy then wouldn’t this movie be the perfect opportunity to prove it? Why did authorities censor the public from watching it?

So many parents have said their children become autistic after vaccines? Theoretically it’s possible but not probable, are all of them really lying?

Why doesn’t Japan recommend the MMR( measles mumps rubella) vaccine anymore?

Why does ZheJiang provence in China have 99.9 percent compliance rate with the measles vaccine, yet has had over 700 measles outbreaks from 2009 to 2012 alone?

These are critical questions people need to ask.

The subject of vaccines is extremely vast. This article doesn’t cover every aspect,  but it is a great jumping off point for people who want to learn an opposing point of view about the measles outbreak.

Great to use for any type of education including…

  • Self education
  • Schools
  • Community meetings, lectures ect…

This zine comes with an article vocabulary list and two word puzzles, and is free to download here.

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